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Installing Keepass2, keefox, keecloud on (K)Ubuntu 16.04

The objective of this post is to install keepass2, keefox, keecloud on Kubuntu 16.04.

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Self-hosted FOSS cloud step 5.1: Transmission bittorrent client (headless mode) and its web GUI on Debian

A short memo on how to install the Transmission bittorent client and control it from a web GUI, both of them running on a headless server. The aim is to replace the « download station » bundled in the Synology NAS software (DSM), see

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Backing up data from an LVM partition

If you need to access some files on a partition that was formatted with LVM, you can follow this procedure: Continue reading

Debian: find the fastest mirror

Just a quick self-note on how to find the fastest server for Debian. Ok, so most of the information here comes from this useful post. Continue reading

DynDNS with OVH on Debian

I have a dynamic DNS provided by OVH, called « DynHost ». To update my IP address to the service, I used the linux client ddclient.

I followed the following tutorial (in French). I reproduce here the key steps: Continue reading

Store your SSH keys in Keepass and use them with Keeagent

The aim of this note is to easily store your SSH private keys in Keepass, and to use Keeagent to access them when the database is unlocked.

This allows to easily use Putty/Kitty on Windows to connect to your remote SSH server with key auth. Continue reading

Password management… cross platform and in the cloud

The objective of this post is the following: set a system to ensure strong passwords, which is robust and easy to use.

This solution uses the following:

  • Keepass, a password manager
  • A cloud space, in this case Dropbox
  • Keecloud, the Keepass2 plugin that will link the two above
  • Keefox, a firefox plugin for the ease of use

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Gestion des mots de passe… multi plate-forme et dans le cloud ?


L’objectif décrit dans cet article est le suivant: mettre en place un système de gestion de mot de passe sûr, robuste, multiplate-forme, et facile à utiliser au quotidien.

Cette solution repose sur:

  • Un gestionnaire de mot de passe, keepass
  • Un hébergement dans le « cloud », dropbox
  • Un plugin pour lier les deux, keecloud
  • Un addon pour rendre lier keepass avec Firefox, keefox

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Local music playback on an Xpenology with an USB sound card

Xpenology is an incredible project allowing to turn an old computer into a « Synology » NAS in order to test it. I say « test » because the legality around the project is unclear: while synology publishes its source code (, not everything is considered as « open », and officials at Synology considers that it goes against their copyright… (see, in French).

I currently test it on an old netbook, and beside the obvious disk space limitation (one small hard drive on it), it works perfectly. Continue reading

Installation de Owncloud sur hébergement mutualisé OVH

Voici un article qui m’a sorti les épines du pied lors de l’installation de Owncloud (v5) sur un hébergement mutualisé OVH. L’article a depuis été mis à jour pour les versions suivantes de Owncloud :

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