A self-hosted FOSS « cloud » (step 0)

So it all started from a simple need, really: being able to share files on my local network. Usually for this type of needs, you buy a NAS, and that’s it. But then you add in a bit of privacy concerns, the will NOT to put all your eggs in the same basket, and you end up looking at buying a Synology NAS. Since I had an old PC lying around, I looked at the project call « XPEnology« , which is basically a « grey area fork » of the synology DSM software (it’s not entirely clear whether you can do that according the licence).

And while Xpenology provided a nice way to test the software and a very convenient experience, I ended up with a problem in one of the disk array, and instead of rebuilding the whole thing again (which was running on an old netbook at the time), I decided that I needed something more reliable.

Excited by the « cloud » possibilities present in the DSM software, I started to look at the various possibilities for self hosted « cloud ». To add sugar on the cake, I wanted to try to use FOSS bricks to replace DSM.

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