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Store your SSH keys in Keepass and use them with Keeagent

The aim of this note is to easily store your SSH private keys in Keepass, and to use Keeagent to access them when the database is unlocked.

This allows to easily use Putty/Kitty on Windows to connect to your remote SSH server with key auth.

First you need to have a Keepass database.

Then install Keeagent.

Finally, I followed some of the answers given in this discussion:

I copy paste here the key steps:

  • Create a new entry
  • Go to the Advanced tab and add your private key as an attachment
  • Go to the KeeAgent tab and check “Allow KeeAgent to use this entry
  • Select the key file from the “Private Key File Location” dropdown
  • Save and close the entry
  • Now open ToolsKeeAgent from the menu and select AddFrom KeePass

This should add the key automatically every time you unlock your database.


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