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Change the default thunderbird calendar when creating a new event in lighting

When you have several calendars opened in Lightning, it’s a bit of a pain to double check everytime that the correct one is selected… If you have the same issue, here is the solution :

  1. Open Tools > Options > Advanced tab, and click Config Editor button.
  2. In the “Filter:” box enter “calendar.registry”
  3. Find a .calendar-main-default key – it will be set to true
  4. Other calendars either won’t have a .calendar-main-default key (or it will be set to false)
  5. Right click on the value of the .calendar-main-default key that goes with the calendar that currently shows up by default in new events to toggle the value to false
  6. Click on the .calendar-main-in-composite key that goes with the calendar you want as default
  7. Right click on the same key and choose Copy Name from the menu that appears.
  8. Now right click on the key again and select New > Boolean
  9. Paste the name of the key and Use the backspace key to erase “in-composite” and type “default”
  10. Click OK and Choose true and click OK
  11. Now exit out of Thunderbird and restart

Credit goes to:

Initial solution was posted on the “get satisfaction” site that handled the support for some Mozilla products. You have to love using a “proprietary” support when it closes down! Of course, no redirection, no read only, the info is lost…

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  1. hi, this does not work with firefox 125, if you have a new solution, please feel free to share