Self-hosted FOSS cloud step 5.1: Transmission bittorrent client (headless mode) and its web GUI on Debian

A short memo on how to install the Transmission bittorent client and control it from a web GUI, both of them running on a headless server. The aim is to replace the « download station » bundled in the Synology NAS software (DSM), see http://julien.coubronne.net/2017/01/08/a-self-hosted-free-opensource-cloud/

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Your own « Synology » NAS, with Xpenology, Virtualbox (headless mode) on an old netbook

These notes explain how to install « XPEnology » (a project porting Synology’s NAS software on other platforms) as a virtual machine (with virtualbox), in headless mode (SSH) on a debian server (which happens to be an old netbook – but this part failed because of the proc type of the netbook). Continue reading

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