Self-hosted FOSS cloud step 2.1: Install Nginx, PHP5, MySQL, Pydio (with Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate)

This is the step 2.1 of: http://julien.coubronne.net/a-self-hosted-free-opensource-cloud. This will allow to share files located on your local server over the internet.

In this article, we will:

  • Install Nginx & php5, create a MySQL database
  • Install Pydio
  • Use Letsencrypt to create an https certificate
  • Tweak Nginx

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Installing Owncloud 9 on Debian 8 (with Apache2 & MySQL)

This is a memo on how to install Owncloud 9 in Debian 8. Since the latest version of owncloud’s fork, nextcloud, is available, you may look at it as an alternative. I prefered to go with Owncloud since they provide Debian packages.

Note: Since the initial writing of this memo (which was started in August 2016 and remained un-pusblished until now), I changed my mind on my web server configuration: I switched from the Apache2 web server to Nginx, deleted the Owncloud instance and installed Pydio. I will no longer maintain this post.

This post mainly follows this following how-to: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/owncloud_9-installation-on-debian_8/

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